Coed Varsity Swimming · Scottie swimmers enjoy success in talented field at annual SEOSL Meet

by Mike Stirling

Tri-Valley swimmers were back in a “large pond” as they traveled to Kenyon College to compete in the Southeastern Ohio Swim League Championships (SEOSL) on Saturday, February 1.

Once again, the Scotties performed well.  The boy’s squad finished 3rd in a field of 15 behind strong teams from River View and Marietta, while the talented girl’s team came in 2nd behind Athens.

Relay team members Caroline Holmes, Clare Waggle, Larissa Lynch and Marissa Sees began the girls scoring with a 2nd place finish in the 200 Yard Medley Relay followed by a second team of Jade White, Katie Davis, Emma Meadows and Rhiannon Shaw.

Next to the starting blocks for the Scotties was Larissa Lynch who touched 1st in the 200 Freestyle while teammate Mariah Clark followed-up with a 4th place finish in the same event.  Allie Norman and Macey Felumlee completed the field for Tri-Valley.

Senior Caroline Holmes recorded an impressive time of 2:13.11 to capture 1st in the 200 Yard Individual Medley and lower her school-record time, while freshman Emma Lewis locked up 10th place as she dropped 5 seconds to record a best new time for her.  Rhiannon Shaw and Jade White were the other entrants for the Scotties in the IM.

A total of four swimmers entered the Girls 50 Free for Tri-Valley.  Clare Waggle and Marissa Sees led the way as they came in 7th and 9th respectively followed by Alex Dale, and Jade White as both Dale and White dropped time in the event.

Mariah Clark led Tri-Valley swimmers in the 100 Yard Butterfly with a 6th place finish followed by Emma Meadows, Rhiannon Shaw and Kayley Harper..  Shaw recorded her best time in the event this year.

Larissa Lynch was back in the water for the 100 Yard Freestyle as she finished in 2nd place with teammates Seryna Mann touching 5th and Alex Dale finishing 7th.  Allie Norman was the fourth competitor for the Dawgs.

In the marathon 500 Free, Clare Waggle had the assignment which she completed with an impressive 5th place finish in a time of 6:20.78.  Waggle was joined by teammates Seryna Mann (8th place) and Mazie Mallett (10th place) as well as Katie Davis who dropped over 25 seconds in her swim.

Tri-Valley relayers Mariah Clark, Seryna Mann, Marissa Sees and Caroline Holmes were at it again as they captured 1st place in the Girls 200 Free Relay beating Athens by .50 seconds improving their own time by about 1 1/2 seconds.  They were followed by the team of Emma Lewis, Allie Norman, Kayley Harper and Alex Dale.

Next for the girls was the 100 Backstroke where Marissa Sees made her presence known as she touched in 4th place establishing a new personal best time in the event.  She was followed by Macey Felumlee and Katie Davis.

In the final individual event for the girls, the 100 Yard Breaststroke, Caroline Holmes (always flirting with school records) set another – finishing 1st in a time of 1:12.54 followed by teammates Mazie Mallett, Emma Lewis and Kayley Harper.  All four swimmers dropped time in the Breaststroke.

To cap the meet for the Lady Scotties, Clare Waggle, Seryna Mann, Mariah Clark and Larissa Lynch nailed down 1st place in the 400 Free Relay followed by the team of Alex Dale, Emma Lewis, Allie Norman and Mazie Mallett.  The latter team also dropped time in the event from their seed time.

Scotty boys swam well as they began the scoring with a 2nd place finish in the 200 Medley Relay.  Swimmers Mason McDaniel, Cyrus Dittmar, Hansel Holmes and Blane Cox put together a fine effort and recorded a new time of 1:50.83 which was about 1 1/2 seconds out of 1st place.

Nathan Sauerbrey and Schawn McDonald represented the Scotties in the 200 Free while teammates Mason McDaniel and Tracy Beale were the Tri-Valley entrants in the 200 Individual Medley.  McDaniel finished in 3rd place and dropped time in the Medley.

Swimmers Bret Mohler, Gabe Lentz and Tracy Beale swam the 50 Free for the Dawgs in a very competitive field.  Of note is the fact that both Mohler and Lentz established new personal best times in the 50 Free.

Speedster Hansel Holmes finished 1st in the Boys 100 Yard Butterfly over 3 seconds ahead of the 2nd place swimmer from River View.  He was followed by teammate Nathan Sauerbrey (5th place) and Schawn McDonald.  McDonald had a new personal best time in the Butterfly.

Cyrus Dittmar was the lone entry for Tri-Valley in the Boys 100 Freestyle where he finished in 6th place and dropped time in the event.  Blane Cox was the Scotties entry in the 500 Free and swam to a 10th place finish and also dropped over 20 seconds for a new personal best in the lengthy event (over 6 minutes long).

Tri-Valley swimmers Hansel Holmes, Nathan Sauerbrey, Mason McDaniel and Cyrus Dittmar put together an impressive effort to capture 2nd in the Boys 200 Yard Free Relay and drop time in the event.  A second team of Tracy Beale, Gabe Lentz, Bret Mohler and Schawn McDonald was the other Scottie entry in 200 Free Relay.

Freshman Hansel Holmes and teammate Mason McDonald represented Tri-Valley in the 100 Backstroke and finished 2nd and 4th respectively.  In the 100 Backstroke Holmes and McDonald were joined by Blane Cox and Gabe Lentz.  All four of the Scotty swimmers dropped time in the event.

Another impressive swim was turned in by Cyrus Dittmar in the 100-yard Breaststroke as he finished in a 1st place with a time of 1:05.60, lowering his school record as well.  Teammate Bret Mohler was the second Scotty swimmer in the Breaststroke where he beat his seed time by over 7 seconds.

To complete the meet for Tri-Valley, the relay team of Nathan Sauerbrey, Bret Mohler, Schawn McDonald and Blaine Cox swam a strong 400 Yard Freestyle Relay to finish in 7th place.

SEOSL Championships are always a challenge as the local swimmers are presented with some stiff competition.  Gaining experience, the Scotties continue to progress and become stronger.  As the season is drawing to a close, Tri-Valley can be proud of a group of outstanding young people that have represented the school and the community well during the 2019-2020 swim season.

Way to go TVHS swimmers at the SEOSL Meet!